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Fencing Advice

How Much Does Composite Fencing Cost?

Composite fencing may cost a little more than timber fencing, but it can work out as a cheaper alternative over the long-term, as they require very little maintenance during a 20-year lifespan. We offer high-quality composite fencing from £15.31 per board.

Are Composite Fences Good?

There are many benefits to choosing composite fence panels for your residential or commercial outdoor area. Composite fencing has great colour stability, a 20 year warranty, requires low maintenance, is environmentally friendly and can be installed quickly and easily.

Can Composite Fencing be Cut?

Composite fencing can be cut to size. However, the composite fencing range comes in easy-to-stack modular boards and is available with a range of composite posts, rails and plates for a quick and straightforward installation with the bonus of hidden fixtures for a stunning finish. Our composite fence boards are dual-sided showing a 63mm batten on one side and a 38mm batten on the other, with a 12mm shadow line. Our composite fence boards are 157 x 45 x 1830mm – Once installed the face of the fence board is 150mm, making it easy to create UK standard height panels. For example 12 x fence boards = 1800mm (12 x 150mm) or 6ft fence / 10 fence boards = 1500mm or 5ft. As our composite fence boards are 1830mm in length, the customer has an option to fit them between existing concrete posts and the profile is 45mm thick, so no need for wedges.

What is Composite Fencing?

Composite fencing is a long-lasting, low-maintenance alternative to timber fencing. Also known as Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) fencing, composite fencing boards are stylish, durable and affordable. Our Composite fencing is environmentally-friendly, FSC certified, and made from 95% recycled materials. It is easy to install and can be fitted between existing concrete fence posts or utilised in a fully composite system for both residential and commercial applications.

What is Composite Fencing Made of?

Composite fencing is made of a mixture between recycled plastic materials, binding agents and wood fibres to create an authentic yet durable fencing solution. Our Composite Fence panels are made from 95% recycled plastics and FSC certified reclaimed wood.

Does Composite Fencing Warp?

Unlike traditional timber fence panels, composite fencing does not warp. Wooden fencing absorbs water in the rain and loses moisture in the sun causing the panels to expand and contract in different weather conditions. However, our non-porous composite fencing is weather-resistant and extremely durable, meaning they will not warp, even without maintenance.

Can Composite Fencing be Used with Concrete Posts?

Ecoscape composite fence boards are 1830mm in length, so they can be fitted between existing concrete posts or be installed using the fully composite system to create modern and stylish fencing with a 20-year warranty. Our composite fence panels are designed to easily stack on top of each other for a quick and simple installation.

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