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Forma Composite Decking Range

Discover our Forma decking board collection, the epitome of premium, top-tier composite decking boards. Engineered using cutting-edge co-extrusion technology, these boards boast an immensely durable outer layer, ensuring exceptional performance and minimal upkeep. Crafted from 95% recycled materials, Forma Composite boards are not only environmentally friendly but also UV-stable, negating the need for painting, staining, or sealing to preserve their vibrant colours.


Moreover, the sturdiness of our Forma decking boards is matched by their slip-resistant, anti-split, and anti-splinter properties, making them the perfect choice for households with children and pets. Offering versatility, the boards are dual-sided, presenting either a wood grain appearance or a wide groove pattern, granting you freedom in design. Dive into our Forma decking collection, featuring an array of six captivating colors, all backed by a reassuring 25-year warranty. Elevate your outdoor space with Forma, where sophistication meets durability.

Forma Composite Decking Boards

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