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Composite Prime Decking Range

Transform your home today with the best composite decking that money can buy.

Composite Prime decking, a type of wood-plastic composite, made of recycled hardwood flour and plastic sourced from bottle tops and milk bottles endorsed by the FSC®. This innovative approach results in a captivating array of decking boards and accessories that boast not only visual appeal but also demand minimal upkeep and possess remarkable durability.

The realm of landscape design is experiencing a notable shift as Composite Decking gains ground. Its exceptional traction properties and inherent ability to resist stains, warping, rot, and decay render it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial outdoor settings. Notably, it doesn't necessitate any treatments and demands only minimal cleaning, thus significantly alleviating maintenance responsibilities for end-users.

Central to our composite decking provided by the esteemed manufacturing partners, Composite Prime, is an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Remarkably, for each square meter of decking, Composite Prime repurposes the equivalent of 280 milk bottles or 3,000 bottle caps, translating to a staggering 9,250,000 bottles in a mere span of six months.

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